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Meeting August 4th, 2015, Guest; Candidate Forum

David Kelsey, Moderator




Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club

July 29th, 2015


Meeting Date: Tuesday August 4th

Meeting Time: 8:30 AM

Meeting Place: Abuela’s Cuban Kitchen, 1654 Meridian Ave., South Beach

We continue with our “Candidates Forum”. This week we are featuring the candidates for Group 6 in the upcoming Miami Beach Commission race.

The candidates for Group 6 are Mark Samuelian and John Elizabeth Aleman. Jeff Cynamon was a candidate but had to drop out of the race due to a medical problem.

Visit our web site at www.mbtmbc.com (Miami Beach Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club).





Candidates will be invited to participate by Group seat designation, one Group per week, starting on July 21st with Group 4, followed by Group 5 on July 28th, and Group 6th on August 4th.

Candidates will be given the opportunity to make an opening statement of two or three minutes, to be determined by the Moderator.

Questions will come from the audience, as selected by the Moderator.

Questions can be directed to a particular candidate, or if open to all candidates, will be assigned by Moderator.

Questions or statements will be limited to one minute, and answers should be appropriately limited.

Any candidate may speak to a question or take issue with an answer, at the discretion of the Moderator.

Candidates shall refrain from attempting to embarrass competitors.

Candidates agree to abide by these rules as a condition of participating.


The $600 million Convention Center renovation.

The 99 year lease of city land for a proposed convention center hotel (will be a yes or no Referendum issue).

The location of the proposed hotel (behind the Gleason or across from the Convention Center).

The 30 story height of the proposed hotel (needed for the Gleason site).

Should Commission elections by Group seats be abolished?

If group seats are abolished, should District elections(two Commissioners each elected from South Beach, Mid Beach, and North Beach) be instituted”?

Casino gambling for Miami Beach.

Bay Link light rail to connect Miami Beach with Miami.

There are some basic issues or needs that continue to come up in city surveys and candidate speeches; they are traffic, parking, sanitation, and security. Do you have any solutions to propose?

Candidates, please confirm your intention to rticipate by email at <sbhotels@bellsouth.net>

Thank you.

David Kelsey

Candidates (as of July 10th):

Group 4:

Kristen Rosen Gonzalez

Isaiah Mosley

Elizabeth “Betsy” Perez

G. Scott Diffenderfer

Michael DiFilippi

Group 5:

Mark Weithorn

Jose Rickey Arriola

Josef Jorzak

Group 6:

Jeff Cynamon

Mark Samuelian

John Elizabeth Aleman

There is no charge for attending and everyone is welcome.

David Kelsey, Moderator

For more information or to be placed on the Club’s mailing list, contact Harry Cherry or David Kelsey.
Email address: "TuesdayMorningBreakfastClub@Yahoo.com"

Home Page: "www.mbtmbc.com"

Candidates for group 5, Rickey Arriola speaking, Others in pic are R-L, David, Joseph Jorzak, Mark Wheithorn, wating their turn to tell us their qualification for the office of commissioner.

Maria Ruiz, Director of Community Services for the City of Miami Beach, addressing the MBTMBC and answering some difficult questions. Considering the problems when dealing with the homeless and the many senior citizen issues, the city appears to be doing a very effective job..

Comm. Joy Malakoff shown here at an earlier MBTMBC meeting with Cong. Debbie Wasserman and our own David. Joy brought our new city Attorney with her who explained in detail the proposed ballot resolutions.

Mayor Philip Levine introduces our new top-cop-to-be, Daniel Oates (holding mike) to the MBTMBC.

Christopher Hodgkins, Vice President of Mat Concessionaire, the company that is building the tunnel at the Port of Miami, addressing the MBTMBC and having us all anticipating the May opening..................................

Mayor Philip Levine, addressing the mbtmbc for the first time as mayor and answering all of our questions. His ideas and enthusiasm were very welcome indeed.

FDOT"S Enrique Tamayo, addressing the MBTMBC and explaining the progress of the Alton Road repairs. He also answered questions relating to other parts of the city.

City Manager Jimmy Morales, addressing the MBTMBC for the first time since taking the helm of the city administration. He assured us planning for stuff like rebuilding the Convention Center and the possibility of rising ocean levels are in capble hands.

Capt. Dan Kipnis, (rt. front row-hat) of Climate Realities Project, address the MBTMBC and answers our questions. After scaring the hell out of us with information about climate change, flooding and hurricanes..


. . ...........................................

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Miami Beach City Manager, Jorge Gonzalez, addressing the MBTMBC and answering questions about his precarious position and future.


Police Cheif, Raymond Martinez addresses the MBTMBC answers questions from the club and explains his plans for Memorial Weekend.

District Secretary of FDOT, Gus Pego, (above) and Vice President of MAT, Chris Hidgkins, explaning to TMBC about the progress of the tunnel construction connecting Watson Ialand to Biscayne Boulevard and Highway #95.

Russel Galbut showing off the new Shelborne rooms and its startling and inovative new vertical, robotic parking garage. You can park your car on Collins Ave. just using computers and robots.


Former Mayor Harold Rosen, delighting members with his vivid memory. As mayor even those on the other side of issues, liked Harold for his candor about his positions.

Congresswomen for the 18th district, Illeana Ros-Lehten discusses her record and her program of proposals for the future.

Thomas S. Jules answering questions after his personal visit to Haiti
to learn the logistics of delivering aid to the devastated island.

Norman C Anderson and Kenneth A Watson, officials of AECOM discuss the sewage tunnel which will deepen the port at Government Cut to 50 ft.

Mayor Bower thanks Comm Diaz for his service to Miami Beach

Do I have a question, Yes I do . . . . . . . .


The Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club, will present political debates as election time approaches.

To visit pictures from our meetings; Scroll the pics on the left side of this page. or click on the large cup of coffee at the top of this page.

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FREE WI-FI on the Beach.
If you have a lap top or a computer with a wireless adpter, WI-FI its free on the Beach. First
find a hot spot. (This is not so easy) Then just connect, go to the city's web site and log on.

Miami Beach's drivers license location: Removed.

Miami Beach Airport Bus Route Approved
It began on Dec. 13, 2009,
Bus #150 runs between the airport and Miami Beach with a stop at Washington Ave. and Lincoln Road
- Bus Fare; $2.35.

City Officials

Mayor: Philip Levine
email: philiplevine@miamibeachfl.gov

Comm: Jonah Wolfson
email: jonah@miamibeachfl.gov

Deede Weithorn
email: deede@miamibeachfl.gov

Edward L Tobin
email: Edward@miamibeachfl.gov

Comm: Micky Steinberg
email: micky@miamibeachfl.gov

Comm: Joy Malakoff

Comm: Michael Grieco
email: michaelgrieco@miamibeachfl.gov

City Manager: Jimmy Morales
OFFICIAL web page Click: Here